TarU Hockey is a special ice hockey club under Tarvasjoen Urheilijat. We are a hockey breeding club and we do lots of co-operation between TPS junior hockey and other ice-hockey clubs in the area. At TarU Hockey, over 400 weekly hobbyists are playing ice hockey or figure skating. In addition to team activities, we also have ice skating school and hockey school groups, adult hobby groups and figure skating school. TarU Hockey is known in the area for its junior focus. High quality junior work offers every player the opportunity to participate in the activities according to their own goal level. In addition to the more focused racing team activities, TarU Hockey also has the opportunity to participate in low-threshold hobby activities.

Tarvasjoen Urheilijat Ry

Y-tunnus: 0243142-9


Auranmaan tekojaarata Oy

Areenatie 30 

21450 Tarvasjoki